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"5 years ago I was a 4 stone apology, today I am two seperate gorillas" (Mr. Apollo - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)

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2012/12/08: This is my legacy site - please see Centre for Atmospheric Science site for my current work.
2008/05/16: I have added my Thesis to my GA downloads section here and a link to my second paper here.
2007/07/18: I have added my Thesis Template to my GA downloads section here.
2007/07/13: Graduation - see silly piccie.
2007/04/13: Viva passed!
2007/03/18: I have finally got around to updating this site - more to follow soon!.
2006/12/15: Thesis submitted.
2006/09/27: Website created. My York site is avalible here under genetic algorithms.

[I vant to suck your blood]