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Luke Abraham

Earth System Modelling

[Schematic of an Earth System Model]

When I first started in Cambridge I was employed to work on the QUEST Earth System Model (QESM), working on developing UKCA to work within this ESM. While I now am working more generally on UKCA support, I am still interested in Earth-system science and Earth System Modelling. The image above gives an example of the processes that could be included in an ESM.

I am currently working on a cut-down version of QESM - HadGEM3-OA-UKCA, where I have coupled in the UKCA Stratospheric Chemistry scheme within the HadGEM3-A atmosphere model which has been couplied to the NEMO ocean and CICE sea-ice models. The image below-left shows the schematic of this model, and the image below-right shows a 200-year sample of the Nino 3.4 index calculated from the model sea-surface temperatures.


[HadGEM3-OA-UKCA  Nino 3.4 Index]

last updated on 2012/12/08