Condensed Matter Dynamics

Luke Abraham

"One coughs when one must, does not one?"

[38-atom Lennard-Jones cluster]


2007/07/30: I graduated on the 13th July 2007. As such, this site is basically frozen now - but you can see more new stuff at
2006/08/20: Apologies to IE users, the top links were broken in that browser. These have been fixed, although I do suggest upgrading to Firefox or Opera.
2006/08/15: I have added some another image to my research interests page.
2006/08/06: I have updated my CV. A pdf copy can be found in my about me page.
2006/08/04: Added ga2cell.bash to downloads.
2006/06/08: My paper has been published online. Please see my papers section for reference.
2006/06/06: I have added a "back to top" link which will appear as top in very long pages. It appears on the right hand side of the page.
2006/06/06: I have also added the picture of my mug from the group mugshots page to my about me page.
2006/06/05: I have now coloured all restricted links, that either require an institutional username and password, or can only be accessed from a machine associated with the york proxy server in red. This excludes the link to the main group page in the left-hand side-bar.
2006/06/02: I have added the an image from my paper as a background on my main pages.
2006/05/15: I have added the dvi2pdf script to downloads.
2006/05/15: I have added some more stuff to my pdf document about prompts and the like, this time about converting .dvi files to .pdf files, and a little on fonts in LATEX. Go to my downloads page for this version.
2006/05/05: I have added a HTML version of my CV here.
2006/05/03: My paper has been accepted for publication in Physical Review B - see the papers section of my downloads page. There have also been some minor improventments in style, and some additions to links and research interests.
2006/04/07: I have added the poster that I am presenting at CMMP06 to downloads
2006/03/20: I have added the talk that I gave at the 2006 APS March Meeting to downloads. There has also been an update of the research interests page, and this section of the site will have a full review when I return to the UK.
2005/11/11: I have added some more scripts to downloads and have added an improved version of fixbb.
2005/11/08: All pages now look the same in FireFox, I.E., Opera, Mozilla, and Konqueror. Of course, it was I.E. that caused the headaches.
2005/11/07: More changes to layout, as you may have noticed.
2005/11/07: This site has now been optimised for computers viewing in 800x600 resolution.
2005/11/06: More additons to links, and slight changes to layout.
2005/11/06: All pages are now XHTML 1.0 Strict. I have also tidied up the CSS a bit (but probably not enough!). I have also added the icosahedral B-12 unit as an icon, which you should be able to see in the address bar.
2005/11/03: All pages now HTML 4.01 Strict. I'll probably migrate over to XHTML at some point.
2005/11/03: I have added a page on York University's Mutant Duck.
2005/11/02: More changes to layout.
2005/11/01: I have changed the formatting on the site so the links at the side are done with an unordered list, and the image at the top is one jpg, rather that a jpg and two gifs. Hopefully you won't notice anything.
2005/11/01: I have now added quotes to the top of every page.
2005/10/31: I have added the recipe for Meat-Balls to downloads.
2005/10/27: I have converted the site over to CSS.
2005/27/09: I have added the latest seminar talk to downloads.
2005/10/14: I have added some FORTRAN 90 programs that manipulate .xyz files to downloads. I have also updated the links.
2005/10/06: I have brought the about me and research interests up to date.
2005/09/29: I have added another useful C-Shell script to downloads.
2005/09/27: I have added seminar talks and the latest conference poster to downloads.
2005/09/12: I have added more useful C-Shell scripts to downloads.
2005/09/05: I have added ERIK submission scripts to downloads.
2005/04/29: Help files in downloads for programming in FORTRAN 90 updated.
2005/04/29: Changes to Research Interests added.
2005/02/11: GProf help-page link added.
2004/11/18: slight changes to site layout and links.
2004/10/28: pdf of group seminar talk for 01/11/2004 added to downloads.
2004/09/24: pdf versions of the downloads for 1st year f90 course added.
2004/09/23: downloads appended. Prompt tips added to downloads and links.
2004/06/11: Changed link to main group page. Added Journal Club talk from 2004/06/09 to downloads.
2004/06/04: Seminar handout for 2004/06/01 added to downloads.
2004/05/17: All pages now validated as HTML 4.01 transitional. Added link to validation website in links section.
2004/05/16: research interests appended.
2004/05/04: downloads appended.
2004/05/03: downloads appended.
2004/04/27: downloads appended.
2004/04/23: research interests appended.
2004/04/23: downloads for 1st year f90 course added.
2004/04/22: links added.
2004/04/20: web page created.